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    Graig Presti, CEO of Local Search For Dentists™ Is Helping Dentists around the World Attract New Patients through A New Local Internet Dental Marketing System.

    Graig Presti, CEO of Local Search For Dentists ™ Is Helping Dentists around the World Attract New Patients through A New Local Internet Dental Marketing System.

    Presti has developed this new system does by studying the internet marketing gurus after he completed his MBA program. It involves a patient google review system, youtube videos and keyword research, this is where most dentists fail miserably. If you don’t have a system that gets you 15-25 google patient reviews or youtube videos from your best patients bragging about you, you’re losing money to the competition, period.

    Every new patient comes from the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you advertise using radio, direct mail, billboards, television, or internal referral campaigns. What is the first thing a patient is going to do when they are referred to a practice or see an advertisement for the practice? They are going to Google the dentist’s name and the name of the dental practice. They are going to figure out if they are legitimate and if anyone has anything good or bad to say about them. They are going to read the online reviews, they will look at any videos related to the practice, and they will read what others say about the practice. They want to feel cozy and warm before they pick up that phone to call for an appointment. The bottom line is, if you don’t have good presence on the internet, the dental practice is not going to get a bump from their advertising campaign. All advertising campaigns need to be done in conjunction with a strong internet presence. The internet impacts every portion of your business. The Internet holds the ‘keys to the kingdom.’ The web in general holds the key to future success. If they do it right, they can dramatically increase patient flow.

    Graig Presti, founder and CEO of Local Search For Dentists ™, reviews and is a leading marketing authority who works with dental practices around the world, helping them leverage the Internet so they can generate more phone calls, more new patients, and more profit into their practice consistently, month after month. Presti specializes in helping dental practices dominate their local area by using proven local Internet dental marketing techniques. He has mastered the art of generating a flood of new patients into dental offices by helping them dominate the top local search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Presti contends, if a dental practice is not on the search engine’s first page for all of the cities they serve, they are missing out on business, and just as important, their competitors are getting new business every day that could be theirs.

    According to Presti, now is the time for dental practices to get their business listed and take advantage of the growing numbers of people using local search to find dental care and services. Presti states, “Statistics show that somewhere in the neighborhood of 86% of households does some kind of search for a local product or service on a daily basis. As a business, dentists need to go where the customers are looking and buying. There is clear evidence that the internet has turned local. Statistically, 80% of Americans’ income is being spent within fifty miles of their homes and a successful local internet marketing strategy is imperative to a business’ success.” Presti has proven countless times that he has discovered the recipe for success to getting dental practices to rank highly on local searches in their area.

    Presti has undoubtedly established himself as a leading expert in his field and is a frequent featured speaker at dental conferences and other venues. He is the author of three reports that are made available to his clients to help them understand how they can increase their web presence. Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Presti is being featured as one of the leading Champions of Health, Wealth and Success in Newsweek Magazine. Additional information about Presti and Local Search For Dentists ™ reviews can be found at http://www.Local Search For Dentists ™ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5yH3Er0jqc



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